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Meet The Staff


Hi, I'm Molly,


Hi, my name is Jessica Frain

I am the second groomer at A Bark Above Pet Salon. I live a quiet small-town life with my Beagle, Oliver. While I have love for all breeds, I must say hounds have always had a special place in my heart! I’ve always had a strong interest in animals and art throughout my entire life and once I reached the 8th Grade, I decided my goal in life was to combine my two passions and build myself a career doing what I love. After High School I had to put my dreams on hold once I moved out on my own and was forced to build a career in retail in order to financially support myself. Once I turned 26 I decided to make a life change and do anything necessary to pursue my dream career. In January 2019, I became a member of the A Bark Above family and will continue to work under Molly learning everything I can about the trade. The transition from corporate to small business was only the cherry on top! The relationships I’ve built with clients and their pets, as well as the positive workplace energy was a breath of fresh air. We hope to see both you and your pet so we can build the lifelong bond every pet and pet owner needs with their groomer.

My name is Molly. I am the owner of A bark Above Pet Salon. I have been in the grooming salon since I was about 10 years old. I was a bather and brusher for my aunt. I loved it! I landed my first job at 14 as a bather and brusher and worked my way up. This has always been my passion. I love animals and love creating a fresh look. Grooming is an art and a special bond we create with our 4-legged clients that is one of a kind. They become family as well as the human owners. In addition to being a salon owner, I am a mother, wife, and avid animal lover. I currently have started my own poodle Line called Empire poodles. Incorporating the best health tested, registered, Champion backgrounds and temperament into consideration. We have Standards poodles and miniature poodles (coming soon) My miniature girls are still young and in the middle of all testing.  

In the near future, we are looking to expand and open a daycare, boarding, grooming, and training arena in the next couple of years. Our intent is to have a permanent location to build a family legacy on. I genuinely enjoy what I do and knew that owning a grooming salon is for me. 

Every year here at the salon each groomer updates their training, certifications and set goals to advance as far as we can in this industry we love. We are always trying the newest and highly recommended natural products and services that will help our fury friends. I can't wait to meet your family member and start a fur-ever relationship with them!

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