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Everything needed to get your pet fresh and fluffy

All rabies shots must be up to date for us to see your pet

Prices are starting points, please contact us to receive a quote for your pet

Early drop off is available from 7:15-8:00am for an additional $10

Late pick up is available from 5:00-6:00pm for an additional $10

Potty breaks are included in a full day stay, ask for more details


Bath and Basic Treatment

Starts at $35

Nails, privates, and ears cleaned and plucked, feet rounded and eyes cleaned out. Fully brushed and combed through. Includes a natural shampoo treatment and leave in conditioner. 

Bath and Brush

Includes a bath with a natural shampoo treatment., Then they'll be fully brushed and combed through and leave in conditioner will be applied. This will leave your companion's fur feeling sleek and soft. 

Small Sized Dog $25 and up

Puppy's First Groom

Protocol for Puppy's First Groom

If it's your pet's first time being groomed we perform the bath and basic, not the full grooming. It's important to introduce them to the process slowly and carefully. That way your pet will learn to trust the groomer and learn that the process is an enjoyable experience, not something to be feared. Your pet liking the process is the most important accomplishment because they will always remember their first experience, positive or negative.


Full Grooms

Small Dogs start at $50

Medium sized $65 and up

Large sized $75 and up

Mini sized doodles $60 and up

Medium sized doodles $80 and up

Large to x large size doodles $100 and up.

Nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked, privates, full body brushed and combed through, a full grooming, natural shampoo, and leave in conditioner.

Deshedding Package

Small dogs start at $30 

Medium dogs start at $50


Large dogs start at $70

Includes 15 minutes of deshedding, toenail clipping, ear cleaning, feet rounded, all natural shampoo treatment, and leave in conditioner

Extra DeShedding in Bath - $1/minute


Recommended every 8-12 weeks to minimize in home shedding


Additional Spa Treatments

CBD oil - Sourced from Colorado, grown with no herbicides or pesticides and contains no THC. Reduces stress and anxiety for your pet. Doses start at $5


Teeth Brushing - Starting at $7

Deep Cleaning of Teeth and Gums with PlaqClnz treatment. Removes plaque and allows for flushing out so your pet doesn't swallow it. - Starting at $15

Deep Conditioning - Starting at $10

Dermatreat - Nations best allergy shampoo - Starting at $5

Moroccan Shampoo Treatment - Ultra hydrating and smells amazing - Starting at $5.00

Sub Ease Shampoo Treatment - Contains eucalyptus and essential oils, great for aches and pains - Starting at $5

Homemade Treats - 100% grain free featuring a themed flavor each month!


Extra DeShedding in Bath - $1/minute

Dog Walking - Available on tuesdays within a couple miles of the salon - $15 for 30 minutes

Nail Trimmings - $10

Please call ahead for availability


Nail Dremels - $5

Shampoo, toys, brushes, and combs are available for sale


Cat Grooming

A Bark Above is not a dog only club, cat lovers rejoice!


"Golden Trim" Add On

Starts at $10-$20

Involves a bum, chest, and tummy trim using scissors.

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