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I Got a Puppy What Now?

  • After you get your puppy and they have received 1st and 2nd rounds. 

  • Bring Them in to Meet the Groomer! We love seeing and loving on your Babies!

  • We can do nails, Dremel, clean out eyes and potty area. We do like them to be bathed and the coat to be dry. Please call ahead for this service so your groomer can give you a better time to come in to help with wait times.      $25

  •  First couple of appointments we do a puppy bath and basic. We like them to at least have this done 2 times before be able to stand safely for a grooming. Before we do any grooming, it is very important for your pet to get conditioned for this environment to ensure they can stand safely to be groomed. This takes time and training for them to get use to this. They will always remember their first appointment. Making this process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible is the most important. 

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