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My dog shakes and is scared when I bring them in...

  • A lot of times they calm done once they are here and settled in. Leaving their owners is hard and its their job to love you! It is very similar to dropping children off at Daycare. A lot of our Pet’s don’t like leaving home and their environment to have a bath and nail trim (especially once older).

  • You're their support system. We try to make the bath and nail trim and other parts of grooming more enjoyable but in all honestly, some pets just don’t like it. That’s okay. Routine Schedule helps them understand this is normal, and it can help alleviate anxiety. Most love it if they have been here since a baby. That is our ultimate goal. If the Schedule is set in place from a young pup they will establish that comfort and get super exited to see their groomer and get styled up. 

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