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Why does grooming take so long?

  • Grooming is a process. It takes time for Bathing, drying, and grooming. Ensuring the safety of your pet and the groomer’s well-being is the most important. This is an unknown environment where unexpected factors can determine the timing on the pet. We don’t give a time because the pets are live animals, it is ultimately up to them and the pets ahead of them. We give an average amount of time anywhere between 3 to 5 hours for small dogs and 4 to 6 for large. This can be less or more depends entirely up to your pet and the pets ahead of them. We do ask to please don’t call or show up, your pet loves you! They will want to go home with you. We want your pet to be safe as well as our groomers, we take sharp objects to them and need their full attention. We will call once done.  

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