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Gem Stones- Stay for about 2 weeks non-toxic adhesive all colors -$2

Feather Extensions- Last for about 2 weeks can pick the color of the feathers. -$15

Hair Dye

Non-toxic, Ammonia free, pretty permanent. Vibrant colors of all kinds 

Starting at $10

Stencils & Glitter - $10


Dead Sea Mud Mask

Exfoliates dry and Cracked skin and coat leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated - Starting at $10


Hot Towel Deep Conditioning Treatment    

This leaves the pet Silky and hydrated. Sealing hair follicles and restoring damaged ones, allowing the hair to lay perfectly without stray ends, Recommended routine for major results - Starting at $10


Deep Cleaning of the Teeth

Plaq Clnz sprayed on teeth and Gums. Allowed to sit for 30mins before scrubbing after. Followed up by Fresh breath to help protect enamel - $15 

Teeth Brushing 

Vet-approved and Clinical proven pet toothpaste and brush to help protect current and future enamel on pets’ teeth - $7


Made with organic, Full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD and other all natural ingredients, Honest Paws Calm line is the perfect all-natural remedy for stress, Anxiety, nerves, Muscle aches, and pains also can help epileptic clients. We Sell and offer it as a spa add-on 

Dosage Starts at 

Small -$5

Medium - $7

Large - $10


All-Natural Award-Winning Nation’s Best Shampoo’s and Services

Whiting Shampoo- bluing Shampoo helps whiten coat to crisp color and enhance natural snow-white features’ - $10

Blackening Shampoo- Enhances Dark Natural Coat’s to their original enriched dark coat (Routine Schedule for Maximum Results) - $15

Hypo Allogenic Shampoo- Non-Fragrant Shampoo Helps for Pet’s and owners with allergies or sensitivity to smells - $10

Derma Treat- Helps with yeast, Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Anti Septic - $10

All pricing is a quote, and subject to change. Based upon size, Condition of Coat, length of coat, and temperament.    

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